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At Aventior, we believe that Artificial Intelligence is going to change how we make decisions. With the exponential growth in data and images, we can now make decisions using statistical & mathematical means, find hidden patterns in our daily unrelated observations, and automate repetitive tasks more efficiently.

Hence, Aventior has developed products inspired by the need for scalability, speed, and reliability in data collection, management & exploration.




Aerial and Satellite Image Analysis (SIA) for Urban Development, Maritime Surveillance, Defense and Intelligence

SIA offers an easy-to-use, time-efficient and cost-effective way to detect objects and analyze visual images captured by satellites. Decision makers in Aerospace & Defense, Construction, Environment Monitoring, Maritime Surveillance, Smart City and Urban Planning can drive additional insights through our AI-assisted automation platform. With access to large data sets from some of the leading satellite operators, users can demand customized solutions to serve their needs.

Data Restructuring and Informatics Platform (DRIP) for Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Life Sciences Research

DRIP integrates data from various sources such as research labs, pathology, toxicology and CROs to provide a single view of truth for the research scientists and lab technicians. It provides the ability to query unstructured data and is compatible with some of the leading data visualization tools. It can become the de-facto platform for analysis, data science and reporting for the life sciences practice.



Continued Process Verification (CPV) Automation for Drug Manufacturing

CPV Automation is a complete solution for the digitization of drug manufacturing batch records to improve, speed, accuracy and compliance. In 2011 the FDA published a report outlining best practices regarding business process validation in the pharmaceutical industry. Continued process verification is outlined in this report as the 3rd stage in process validation. Through CPV Automation platform, manufacturers can fully automate the capture of compliance data with the additional abilities to enable search and analytics.